NOTE: Your creation will not be posted if you only send me the link/file. You need to provide at least one screenshot with your link/file before I can post it.

You can submit your creation(s) with the form below. Unfortunately, there is no file upload option available currently, so you would have to upload your screenshots and/or save file on another site and then submit the links and details here.

You have the option to submit screenshots (front, left, right, and back) of your creation(s) for others to use or submit the actual save data along with a screenshot or two for a preview.

Instructions on how to create a save file:

Step 1: Create a folder on your PSP memory stick named NPUH10072FCSV001 (create it inside the SAVEDATA folder which is inside the PSP folder)

Step 2: Download the Edit Data for the character you want and place it in the newly created folder. There should be 4 files (ICON0, PARAM.SFO, PIC1, and SV). These are the same file names that are used for your game save, so make sure not to place these in your game save folder (which has a name that is only 1 letter different from the name of the folder that you are using to import the character).

Step 3: Boot up Cladun and Load your game.

Step 4: Go to Character Creation.

Step 5: Create a new character (you only import the character design, so make sure to fill out the name and information for the character you are importing).

Step 6: Choose Edit, choose the newly create character, and choose Edit Face.

Step 7: Once on the face edit screen, press circle and select “Load Edit Data.” Then load the data.

Step 8: Leave the face editor and apply the changes.

Sharing your creation:

Step 1: Boot up Cladun and Load your game.

Step 2: Go to Character Creation.

Step 3: Choose Edit, and then select the character that you wish to share.

Step 4: Go to Face Edit.

Step 5: Press circle and choose “Save Edit Data.” Then save the data.

Step 6: Quit playing Cladun and connect your PSP to a computer.

Step 7: Go inside the folder named NPUH10072FCSV001 (located inside the SAVEDATA folder which is inside the PSP folder)

Step 8: Put the contents of the folder into a zip/rar and upload it to the internet.

When submitting, remember to provide the name and origin (if applicable) of the creation and your own name (and website if you want) so credit can be given! Send any additional screenshots of your character doing miscellaneous stuff if you want too! You can also tip me on findings!

All submissions will be posted manually, so be patient!



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