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Bazooka Bomber

30 Sep

A member of the Four Deva Bombers and villain to Bomberman and his friends. Zahi provided a color table for him as well.



30 Sep

Ah, yes. Who can forget those days of competitive atmosphere with your friends and family, trapping and blowing each other up with bombs? I know Zahi can’t forget. He also provided a color table for those of you who want to change colors!


29 Sep

Zahi brings us Nyuu, the split personality of Lucy from the series Elfen Lied.  He notes that this was his first creation and that you can use either the 4th or 5th hairstyle in the game.

Sonic the Hedgehog

29 Sep

It wouldn’t be Sonic the Hedgehog without Sonic, so after giving us Shadow, Zahi presents to us the spiky, blue-haired, extremely fast protagonist.

Shadow the Hedgehog

29 Sep

Here we have our anti-hero and rival of Sonic in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, provided by Zahi. Now you can imagine the gold coins as gold rings that you collect by zooming past them (sliding past them).